The Company Limited (Co Ltd) «TEZLATGICH» is the regional producer of high technological radioisotope production which finds a wide industrial and scientific application. Cyclotron isotopes production started in 1991.

Director of Enterprise

Umerov Rafael

Productive capacity

The “TEZLATGICH" Co Ltd has at it’s own disposal two cyclotrons (U-150-II and U-115) with proton beam intensities 1 mA and 0.5 mA., respectively The productive capacity of “TEZLATGICH” makes about 50 Curie of the radioisotope production per year. “Tezlatgich” Co Ltd has a number of technologies by taking such radionuclides as cobalt 57 (57Co), Palladium 103 (103Pd), cadmium 109 (109Cd), which meet the world quality standards.


“TEZLATGICH” Co Ltd guarantees the following parameters of 57Co production, certified by leading World pharmaceutical companies:

The half-decay period of 57Co 271,7 days
Radioisotope 57Co in kind Co(II) in 0,1 М(or 0,5 HCl with concentration (7000 - 7500) mCi/mg
The chemical impurities(Fe, Cu, Ni) 0.02 mg/Ci
Radionuclide impurities <0,1 %
Parking for (1 Ci) 300x300x300 mm3
Weight 6 kg

Application field

Gamma sources, made from cyclotron 57Co are wide used in nuclear medicine,  широко используются в ядерной медицине, materials defectoscopy, research works and as a part of management/control/ system in various technologies.

Patents and author's certificate

Radioisotope production of 57Co with high radionuclide and chemical purity has been developed at “TEZLATGICH” Co Ltd and asserted with the patent No.249т3 from 13.12.1994.

To provide closed cycle production at “TEZLATGICH” Co Ltd the regeneration technology of enriched  nickel-58 (58Ni) has been introduced, which was asserted by the author's certificate No. 5777 from 15.03.1999., registration number No. IH DP 9800853.

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