12:00 p.m. December 11, 2019 Scientific Council meeting

12:00 hours December 11, 2019 Meeting of the Scientific Council DSc.27.06.2017.FM/T.33.01 on the award of academic degrees at the Institute of Nuclear Physics, the Institute of Astronomy and the National University of Uzbekistan

Address: 100214, Tashkent, Ulugbek village, Institute of Nuclear Physics;
tel .: (99871) 289-31-41; fax: (99871) 289-36-65; e-mail:

Thesis defense
Zafar Utkirovich Esanov
on the topic: “The relationship and interdependence of structural and impurity defect centers in some silicate crystals”
for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in physical and mathematical sciences
on specialty 01.04.07- Condensed Matter Physics
(Institute of Nuclear Physics, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan)

scientific adviser:
Nuritdinov Izzatillo,
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor
Official opponents:
Jumanov Safarali,
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor
(INP AN RU, Tashkent)
Kurbanov Abdullah Mamasoatovich,
Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor
(Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineering)
Leading organization:Samarkand State University (Samarkand)