В Пятницу 15 февраля 2019 г. в 14.00 часов, общеинститутский научный семинар

В Пятницу 15 февраля 2019 г. в 14.00 часов в Актовом зале физкорпуса состоится общеинститутский научный семинар

на тему: “Quantum suppression of antihydrogen formation in positronium-antiproton collisions”

Докладчик: проф. Кадиров А. (Curtin University, Perth, Australia)


Antihydrogen can be created in collisions of antiprotons with positronium. The AEgISand GBAR Collaborations at CERN plan to use this reaction to form beams of antihydrogen for studies of antimatter gravity. Both collaborations intend to employ laser-excited Ps as the scattering target. Theoretical simulations required for these experimental programs are based on classical trajectory methods. We use a quantum-mechanical approach to test the validity of the classical methods. We show that quantum effects dramatically suppress the increase of the antihydrogen formation cross section when Ps is in the first several excited states, in sharp contrast to expectations from classical theories. If the trend persists for even higher excited states, the implications for the current experimental efforts could be severe.